Sunday, 27 May 2018

Episode 100: Strained conversations

John was adamant that Interpol, Scotland Yard the Vietnamese government and whoever else could help be brought in to find Lea.  The feeling of total helplessness was dulling his senses to the point of distraction.   

How could everything have gone so badly he asked himself?  And although he thought highly of Bill as a journalist he was resentful that he had ultimately been the cause of this entire and wretched situation.  

The conversations he'd had with Bill had been strained from the moment he arrived because he felt like he wasn't getting the entire story.  Maybe his journalistic intuition if you will, be he needed answers...and he needed them fast!

All that played over and over in John's mind was the conversation that he had tried to have with Lea when she had intially brought up the idea of coming to Hanoi to try again with Bill.  

Perhaps if he had been more adamant that she not come out here then none of this would be happening right now, "I should have just put my bloody foot down and blocked this from the start" he thought angrily to himself.

Inactivity seemed to rule the current situation, and as the hours ticked by, the more anxious and inwardly distraught he became...

Nothing but a bloody mess...but what he dreaded most was the call he had been putting off to his sister Glenda.  What could he say that wouldn't trigger a nuclear meltdown?   

Episode 99: Disturbing news...

Ever since John had arrived and now Lea was missing Phuong felt as though he was being pulled back in the old and familiar world.

To ensure he knew the playing field he had instinctively wire tapped Johns room soon after he arrived and had reviewed the transcript of his conversation with Rupert Palmer from the English Foreign office.  

Putting out his feelers via his network he also discovered that Alessio Mancino a.k.a Gino Fiorio was a small time arms dealer that frequented Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and southern Vietnam selling mostly to small bands of mercenaries, tribes and local warlords.

Phuong didn't know Lea nor how she had become involved with Fiorio, but what he had discovered disturbed him greatly...