Saturday, 30 July 2016

Episode 9: Empty

Lea felt completely empty since Bill left for his new post in Hanoi.  She played out the argument at the restaurant over and over in her mind, she'd hoped deep down that he’d see how important she was to him and choose their relationship over his posting.  She chastised herself about the way she'd handled the whole situation and had missed any opportunity to talk before he'd left for Vietnam. 

Even though they’d fought she now realized that she had loved him deeply and that in all likelihood he had been the love of her life, not that it mattered now that he was half way around the world.   

To try and take her mind off Bill she'd jumped back into the fray and tried dating, but each time she found herself measuring the men against Bill and each time they came up wanting. There were just too many memories of him that lingered and played on her mind, and definitely no one even came close to being as interesting as Bill, nor as ruggedly handsome.    
She felt so guilty and ashamed of the way she’d handled that final conversation, and now the void in her heart was deep and more than painful - she ached for his warm embrace and the way he'd whisper in her ear as they made love early in the morning.  

If only I could have that moment back she thought to herself…if only…

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