Sunday, 31 July 2016

Episode 17: Reeling

Mai kissed him gently on the cheek and patted his ass as he left that afternoon, she felt completely satiated after their incredible day together.  Frankly she hadn’t been expecting Bill to be that good in bed.  None of the westerners that she’d been with had ever been able to bring her to orgasm let alone three times.

She lit a cigarette and walked out onto her back patio, which overlooked the water on West Lake.  Surprisingly her body still tingled with the touch of his hands on her skin, she shuddered slightly at the thought and smiled to herself.

As Bill sat in the taxi back to his apartment on Duong Cát Linh he had so many thoughts running through his head that he felt a little dizzy.  Mai was more incredible that he even imagined possible, not just her beauty but also the way she touched him.  He could still feel her slow and deliberate fingernails down his back, as he lay naked on her bed, her breath close as she whispered into his ear, and the hair on his body standing on end…

As the taxi slowed in front of his apartment the first thing he noticed was Phuong sitting astride his scooter out front.  Bill paid the driver and smiled at Phuong, but the smile was not reciprocated.  

"You must call John immediately” Phuong said as he walked toward him, “Sorry?” said Bill.  There’s been a typhoon in Bangladesh and they can’t find our correspondent.  John’s been calling all afternoon and wants you on the next plane to Dhaka.  

Phuong motioned for Bill to get on the scooter and they quickly headed for his office in the Old Quarter.  When he called John he told him that he had been researching a story all day and that he had forgotten to tell Phuong where he was going.  John sensed the lie, but let it pass.  

John got straight to the point, "Phuong has probably already given you the details but there's been a typhoon in Bangladesh and we can't seem to get hold of our correspondent there".  Bill could sense the concern in John's voice as he spoke.  "Any idea where he is?  Jeff, isn't it?" Bill asked.  The phone was silent for a moment, just a moment too long and Bill could sense that something wasn't quite right, but now it was his turn not to press too hard.  "Look, this is a massive story and I want more than one source on the ground, and given your proximity I want you it?".  Bill nodded to himself, "Sure, no worries" on my way he said self assuredly.  Once I get on the ground I'll contact you he said and hung up the phone.  

Bill was packed and at Noi Bai airport within an hour of the conversation with John.  He knew that the next 24 hours were going to be hell especially given that Dhaka airport was now closed to all air traffic.  Phuong had gotten him onto a flight to Kuala Lumpur with a connection to Delhi but then he would be on his own to get to Calcutta, which was the closest entry point to Bangladesh.  Then god only knew how he was going to get into Dhaka.  

The hot humid air hung heavily on him as he walked across the tarmac toward the waiting plane...he looked back as Phuong stood watching him cross the darkened apron.

What lay before him no one knew...

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